Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mom & Dad.

hope you all are having A good day !! I had my first picture appointment today mom and dad !! these are the pictures !! 
picture 1#  is called HI ! 
picture 2# is called *kisses *
picture 3# is called hey !
picture 4# is called  smiles !!
                                                                         if you want to you can let me know if you like them !

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just some thing

Hi every one !!  I hope you all are having A wonderful Day !! I am !!  Me and  my mom went to the store  this morning  and  when we came back we had to clean house ! I love to clean house !! These are just some pictures  that I took a long time ago. this one is a picture of the OHIO FALLS . I took it in IN  .but we where at the NQC {National Quartet Convention} In KY . and we went to IN for a fun day and we went to the Ohio Falls in the day time and came back in the evening . we where at the NQC for a week . it was a lot of fun ! we had a booth there . we are the bell family.  we also sang there. in the room that we sang in there  was      200 people in there ! now that s a lot of people ! I did not know that  there where 200  people ! in there when we  sang ! then dad said did you know that  you just sang to 200 people ? I was like I did ? yes you did . wow!!  we only had to sing one song. that was good !  I love to sing !!! 
and this is our dog her name is Cinnamon ! I love this picture of her !!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow .... snow ......snow ....!!!!!

Snow snow snow snow .  I  do not like snow . do you???  I want  sping to come  soon .  I think it is very pretty out side . when I am in side .  and it is pretty in pictures  !!!!. I think so . I know that you mit have seen these pictures on my moms blog  but these are some of the pictures that I love !!  if you like them  or if you want too you can let me know . this  is picture 1# 
and this is picture 2#  .  the one that I like is picture 1# . oh! thank you all for my first comments !!         Brooke                                                                                  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Pictures ...........

 Hi !! every one  I hope you are having A good Day !! I am . here are some so  of  the  pictures  that I love .  they are from Florida .  
this  is my favorite one . 
this one is the one that my Dad likes .
this is Connor 
and this is Nathan 
                                                                        I hope you all enjoyed my post . mom took the picture of the boys                                                                                     Brooke

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hi !!!!

Hi! every one I hope you are having A good Day. let me tell you A little about me .  I love to take pictures and hope some day to be A photographer . This blog is like my notebook full of pictures that I have taken. and yes I even took the one on the top and i also took this one . I hope  to only put pictures that I have took over the years. I hope you all enjoy my blog .i will enjoy sharing  my pictures with you   :)