Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine"s Day !!!

Hi everyone !! I can"t be on here to long . We are  having A  Valentines  party  at  noon ,and we are baby sitting  some dogs for some friends . So I have to make my room look nice and  we have to go let the dogs out .  And our Mamaw Foster is coming over to night, so Mom and Dad can  have a night out .  But I wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!!!!!  Well I have to go clean a bath room. Hope you have a good day !

Thursday, February 2, 2012


WOW!! we went to the park today  in  February !  I  am so  glad that it is not  snowing and that it is  sunny  out side  !  you know that I took pictures .  but mom took some of them . I will tell you who took them .  I took this one this is Kari  . she is so cute I love her !!
This is Connor he is cute too! 
this is me and Kari {mom took this one }
this is Nathan he is cute too! but he is more funny ! I{I took this one } he  is fun !
this is Connor 
                        this is all of us Me  Nathan  Connor  & Kari